Anonymous asked:

Why don't you like guns? Walking around with guns makes people safer, a small girl can shoot a rapist.

Actually I just realized that I misread the last question I received. I thought it said “Do you think it should be illegal to walk around with assault rifles?” to which I responded with “Nope.” I mean, I don’t know why one would want to walk around with their assault rifle (I understand a handgun but an AK seems strange to me), but hey, their choice as long as they are non-violent and non-threatening.

Woops! Sorry, anti-gun crowd.

Anonymous asked:

Do you think circumcision should be legal?

Oof. A few months ago circumcision (specifically circumcision and FGM) came up and my blog exploded. I will only say that, while I understand why some people are against circumcision, I also understand that it has cultural significance to some groups and the act, while initially painful, does not destroy or inhibit the male genitalia (unlike FGM, which I’m not going to debate again). I don’t think this issue necessitates legislation (but then again, I don’t think much necessities legislation).

Please don’t bother sending me more anonymous messages about this because I won’t answer them.

When you’re singing along to Anaconda like “Where my fat ass big bitches in the club?  Fuck the skinny bitches!” and then you realize… you are one of the skinny bitches.


After watching the “Anaconda” video for the third time I’m pretty sure I’m heterosexual+.  The + is Nicki Minaj.