7 Things Introverts Should Know about Extroverts

I’m getting a tired of all these introvert-centric posts, especially this one which is so horribly biased against us horrible, annoying extroverts.  Extroverts need a little TLC too, and maybe instead of thinking we are all a bunch of loud, obnoxious, society-addicts you can understand us a little bit.

1. We love being around people.  We delight in hanging out with you and hearing all about you.  We get our energy from being around others, whether its just hanging out with a best friend or going out on the town with a large group.  We get restless when we are alone for too long.

2. We aren’t me-centric.  If you aren’t holding up your side of a conversation, we’ll have no choice but to talk about ourselves until we find something you identify with.  Don’t assign this habit as attention-seeking or vain… We’re trying to find something we can both enjoy talking about.

3. We are sharers.  Whether it’s the weird thing that happened on the way to the Post Office or something really serious that has happened in our lives, we need to talk about it.  Even if you are just a shoulder to cry on or a listening ear, we appreciate the fact that you are there and you are witnessing our lives.

4. We aren’t all loud, obnoxious individuals.  Some of us are quiet, some of us are talkative, some of us are perfectly happy with a book and some of us like to party every night. 

5. We try to get you talking because we care.  We aren’t trying to annoy you or make you uncomfortable.  We aren’t mind-readers: we’re trying to understand where you are coming from and why you are thinking what you are thinking.  Most of us understand that it is difficult to make an introvert open up and we often feel honored that you are doing so with us.

6. We are not lesser than introverts in anyway.  Just because we aren’t quietly thoughtful doesn’t mean we aren’t thoughtful.  Just because we are socially active doesn’t mean we aren’t self-conscious.  We aren’t perfect in social situations.  We also get nervous talking to new people and answering the phone.  We have similar problems but we deal with them in different ways.

7. We don’t blab about every little thing.  There are some stories, some moments, some thoughts, and some ideas that you have to work for with an extrovert as well.  Secrets are secrets, and not everything should be out for the world to know.  We understand that.  We accept that.  We might have a large group of friends, but we usually know what’s appropriate to share and what isn’t.