The News IQ Quiz | Pew Research Center

My conservative father sent this test to me to show how much more he knew about the news.

12/13, bitch. (Don’t give me a face without a name, Pew. Dammit)

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  1. gkommer said: How does anybody get more than a couple of these wrong? I got them all right, but I was put on alert with your Eric holder comment.
  2. luchasuzuki said: 13/13. what now.
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    12/13. Didn’t know WA legalized gay marriage, but good for you WA.
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    12/13 I can’t be blamed for missing that one question there are just so many people with mustaches who have government...
  5. asuperfluousman said: 13/13. Did Boehner’s ugly mug throw you off?
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